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OnLine Pre Flight Training for Ground Staff, Pilots and Air Hostess For Students of Class XII

OnLine Pre Flight Training for Ground Staff, Pilots and Air Hostess For Students of Class XII

Think Beyond Medical And Engineering - Make your Career in Aviation !!

Asiatic International Aviation Corp is committed to the impartment of Theoritcal Aviation knowledge to aspiring X / XI / XII pursuing Aviation enthusiasts.  Asiatic International Aviation Corp, is one of the largest and the most respected Flying Training Ground School in India and Asia. 

Hundreds of Students  have built their Careers as Pilots while training with us.

The Indian economy is growing at an incredible pace and so is the Aviation sector, General Aviation in particular has taken off in a big way and both General and Civil Aviation Operators are purchasing aircraft (Fixed and Rotary wing) in large numbers. 

If the aviation industry has some deficiency, it is the dearth of quality and skilled Pilots .

To fulfill this gap and to give wings to the dreams of aviation enthusiasts we have launched  advanced online learning facilities on Pilot and Air Hostess ( Cabin Crew ) Training for X / XI / XII Standard Students . 

OnLine Training Overview

Our Online Pilot and Cabin Crew Training Courses include entire training from basic through to a professional Airline Career. Our training integrates Private Pilot License, Commercial Pilot License and Instrument Rating with a structure designed to educate the Ideal Commercial Pilot, not just to specialize in one particular element of Aviation. 

We offer the following OnLine Pre Flight Training Services :

I. Pre Flight Online Ground Crew Training 

Duration : 3 Months 

Timings : 1 hour ; 4 days a week ( Tue, Wed, Thu , Fri)
[ Flexible and tailormade training as per the Student's School timings ]

Fees : INR Rs. 2,500 P.M.

II. Pre Flight Online Air Hostess (Cabin Crew ) Training 

Duration : 1 year

Timings : 1 Hour Per Day for   4 days a week ( Tue, Wed, Thu , Fri)

[ Flexible and tailormade training as per the Student's school timings ]

3. Pre Flight Online Pilot Training 

Duration : 1 year

Timings : 1 hour ; 4 days a week ( Tue, Wed, Thu , Fri)
[ Flexible and tailormade training as per the Student's School timings ]

Fees : INR Rs. 1,000 P.M.

Our Aim is to produce the optimum blend of aircraft manipulative skills, academic application, leadership and command character, all combined with a competent knowledge of Business and Aviation management. You needs to have Access to Internet via GMail and Skype.

Team  : 

Capt. Shekhar Gupta [Pilot ] 
CEO, AeroSoft Corp
Capt. Ankisha Awasthi [ Pilot, FAA USA ] 

Ms. Surbhi Maheshwari [MBA Mktg ] 
Marketing Manager
AeroSoft Corp

Khushi Damania [ Air Hostess ] 

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Capt Shekhar Gupta
AirAviator Corp
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7 Shikshak Nagar
Near Reliance Fresh Airport Rd
Indore 452005 MP India
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Asiatic International Aviation Corp.

Asiatic International Aviation Corp [Asiatic Air] is a group of Pilots, Airlines Professionals & Aviation organizations working in collaboration with many Aviation leaders worldwide for the smooth growth of Aviation activities in Asia. Asiatic International Aviation Academy [Asiatic Air] is affiliated to the Aviation Atlanta, Career Pilot School & USA , Asian Aerospace College "Colombo", Aircrew Flight Training Academy and Eagle Air Academy Philippines . The basic aim of Asiatic is to promote all kind of Airlines and Aviation related activities under one roof.

AsiaticAir is a group of professionals and Pilots of Aviation industry dedicated to provide best training environment for Airline professionals Asiatic works in association with Aircrew Flight Training Academy, Eagle Air Academy , Aviation Atlanta USA & Asian Aviation Centre Ltd., Colombo.
Asiatic is the first Organization of its kind to offer an International level Ground Training under one roof. The Academy is committed to produce Professionals for Airlines industry that will be Pilot In Command and Airlines Manager of tomorrow. . The basic aim of AsiaticAir is to promote new Aviation Training Academies of USA & Philippines on World Wide Web. For all types of Pilot jobs AsiaticAir is an official partner with AsiaticAir group has more then 60 Aviation portals with very good Page rank.

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Monday, July 25, 2011

professional pilot program



1.Do I need TOEFL to enroll with the school?

TOEFL is not a requirement.
2. What are the eligibility requirements to enroll in a professional pilot program?

You should be medically fit.
You should be able to read, write, understand and speak English.
You should be at least 17 years of age to commence training and 18 years of age to qualify for Commercial Pilot License.
Indian DGCA requires you be a 10+2 graduate with Physics and Maths.
3. How old do I need to be to begin training?

Flight training can be started at any age, but the day you take the exam, you will have to be 17 for the private pilot test and 18 for the commercial pilot Test.

4. What is the difference between PPL and CPL?

PPL is Private pilot license for does who want to be pilot only as hobby. That is why PPL is also called as hobby pilot license. CPL is Commercial pilot license who want to get a job as co-pilot in any airline besides the license holder should not hold any record of accident for last one year.
5. How long will this course take and how much it cost?

The more frequently you train, the more information you retain, the faster your flying skills develop and the faster you get through your training. Because the fact is everyone learns differently and the time taken for this is money.

6. What is the difference between FAA and DGCA?

DGCA(Directorate General of Civil Aviation):
It is the regulatory body in the field of Civil Aviation primarily dealing with safety issues.It is responsible for regulation of air transport services to/from/within India and for enforcement of civil air regulations,air safety and airworthiness standards.Due to insufficient training facilities in India, very large numbers of candidates have earned their Pilot's License from different countries of the World.
FAA(Federal Aviation Administration):
It is an agency of the United States Department of Transportation with authority to regulate and oversee all aspects of civil aviation in the U.S.
7. Can I convert foreign license in to Indian License?

Yes, you can convert your FAA license or any foreign license in to Indian license. This conversion is called DGCA conversion. The requirements for coversion of their foreign licences to corresponding Indian licences are

Pass written examination in the following subjects in accordance with the syllabus prescribed by the Director General of Civil Aviation :
1. Air Regulation
2. Navigation, Flight Planning and Meteorology (composite Paper).
1. Pass Practical Test in Morse Code (Reception - Aural) at the rate of 8 words per minute for commercial Pilot Licence, Instrument Rating and Senior Commercial Pilot License/Airlines Transport Pilot Licence.
2. Shall be in possession of a current Certificate of Proficiency for operation of Radio Telephony apparatus on board an aircraft as issued by the Ministry of Transport and Communications under the Indian Wireless Telegraphy Rules, 1954.
3. Shall demonstrate his competency to the satisfaction of the DGCA approved Examiner by undergoing a Skill Test by Day and Night. The candidate shall also undergo Oral Test with the Examiner in various aviation subjects including Navigation Meteorology, Aircraft & Engine and Instruments, and performance wherever applicable.

8. What category visa do I get?

You get an M1 student visa.
9. What is a Visa pack?

Visa pack contains the essential documents required for you to obtain a visa and bank loans if necessary to fund your flight training.

It will have the following documents:
Letter of Acceptance.
Processed I-20.
Letter addressed to your banker for loan release.
10. What is I-20?

Form I-20 is a certificate of Eligiblity For Nonimmigrant(M-1) student status. It is a United States Department of Homeland Security document issued by colleges, universities, and vocational schools that provides supporting information for the issuance of a student visa or change of status (F, J and M non-immigrant statuses). Since the introduction of the Student and Exchange Visitor Information System (SEVIS), the form also includes the student tracking number (SEVIS number) for the student and program.
11. What is SEVP I-901?

The Student and Exchange Visitor Program (SEVP) I-901 is a form required by the US government for students aspiring to come to the United States of America for Flight Training. It is a prerequisite to getting your visa. You will need to show an I-901 receipt to your adjudication officer at your visa interview.

13. How do I get a student visa? Is it guaranteed?

A student visa is not guaranteed on the issuance of the I-20 form alone by our school If you are interested in obtaining a student visa we can send you documentation with proper documents that convince the US consul that you are not an intending immigrant by producing a valid reason to return back to India and by showing proof of your permanent ties in India.
TSA ( Transport Safety Administration )

14. What is TSA?

Transport Safety Administration, Alien flight Student Program is to ensure that Non-US Citizen Candidates seeking training at flight schools regulated by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) do not pose a threat to aviation or national security. This site contains the application for aliens seeking to train at FAA-regulated flight schools. Candidates are required to complete this application prior to beginning flight training.
15. Is TSA required for VISA?

TSA is not required for visa. However, TSA clearance is required for all flight training in USA.

16. Could I get Education loan for Pilot Training?

Yes you could, you avail the scheme of loan from any nationalized bank.
17. What are the eligibilities demanded for Educational loan?

Should be between 17-26 years.
Should have secured admission to Pilot Training/learning Course at identified training center recognized by Director General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) and in reputed Institutes/ Organizations outside India .
No minimum qualifying marks to be insisted upon.
18. What Should I do to get the education loan from bank?

You should furnish evidence of security that you have to the nearer bank with which you have an account.
19. What kind of Security demanded by bank?

Collateral security of 100% of the loan amount in the form of Pledge of FDR/NSC/KVP etc or Equitable Mortgage of House Property.
Satisfactory 3rd Party Guarantee of 2 Persons of sufficient means and standing.
No guarantee is required in case of full liquid security (i.e. Pledge of FDR/NSC/KVP etc.).
However, in cases where collateral security is given by third party, personal guarantee of such third party should be obtained.

20. Do I need to come U.S.A and look for accommodation?

We would take care of organizing your accommodation for you.
21. What kind of accommodations can you arrange for students?

Falcon Flight School is able to provide accommodation for you for the entire duration of the course. The accommodation is very comfortable and is ideal for someone studying for the aviation career. You will be sharing the house with other students,normally from the same course that you are on. The accommodation is provided on a self catering basis you provide your own food. All rooms include a bed,storage facilities, and study facilities are provided either in the room, or as a separate study within the house. You will need to provide your own bed linen, towels, cleaning items, food.
22. Can I do my own cooking?

Yes, your apartment has a cooking unit. You can do your groceries at your local grocery store and manage your cooking.
23. How much do I need to manage my food expenses?

This is a variable amount. As guide line, one can manage food expenses between $150 and $200 a month. This would be more if you eat out all the time.
24. How can I manage my personal funds while I am in the US?

Once you reach here, we will help you set up a bank account. Apart from your course fees, your living expenses can be brought as traveler check and deposited into your bank account for your living expense management.

26. What is the weather like in.....?

In fact, we actually have excellent flying weather all throughout the year. The temperatures rarely fall below 70, visibility is great 99% of the time,and the winds are not a problem.


Q1. I am financially not very sound, how do I manage?
A1. Our programmes are entirely self-funded. There are no scholarships, sponsorships or financial assistance of any kind available. Bank loans are strictly against collateral security. Co-lateral securities are generally houses which are not in a rural area and should have a clear title and should not be having any loan against them. Most of the banks have a credit rating mechanism and take many more factors into consideration.

Q2. We do not have any house?
A2. If your parents are salaried Government or reputed private/public sector employee and have been filing income tax returns regularly, depending upon his/her (or their) salary(ies) banks may provide upto 7.5 lakhs without any co-lateral security. Bank also accept NSCs, FDs, Shares, LIC Policies and Gold Ornaments as co-lateral security.

Q3. How do we get bank loan documents?
A3. You will have to deposit Rs.31,500/- and take admission. 

Q4. Do you have tie-up with any bank?
A4. We have discussed the matter with various banks in public as well as in private sector. All of them are very supportive. But we have no exclusive tie-up. But we take up the cases of students on a case to case basis with various banks and in most cases have got the loan approved. It must be appreciated that Educational/Career Loan is a right. If the documents are in order you will get it.

Q5. What is the interest rate?
A5. Generally it is in the range of 13%.

Q6. When the loan repayment begins?
A6. PMI (Interest) repayment begins from the next month. The EMIs begin generally after 18 months. You negotiate with your bankers. They are flexible upto a great extent.

Q7. Do you organize campus selection/interviews?
A7. After you get your Indian License, you will have to apply to various airlines depending upon the number of vacancies. Campus interview is only a misnomer. Airlines have a tough and evolved selection procedure. They always look for the best talent and get them from wherever they can. We look for various openings and will constantly guide you.

Q8. Is it possible to fly for foreign companies?
A8. Not immediately after training. You will have to accumulate atleast 1500 hours then only you can apply for the most of foreign companies. Getting a job in foreign airlines is not a cake walk but it happens on a regular basis.

Q9. Does your package include the cost of food and accommodation?
A9. Only for Philippines. For other countries we provide only estimates. But our programmes are designed in such a way that we keep the cost under control.

Q10. I have recently undergone lasik surgery, am I fit for flying?
A10. This question is again to be answered by an Opthalmologist only. However, generally till 6 – 9 months after surgery you are not fit for flying.

Q11. How much does it cost to conduct the medical tests?
A11. Generally Rs.5,000/- for Class II Medical and Rs.7,000/- for Class I Medical.

Q12. I wear specs, is it a hinderance?
A12. No, unless there are some serious problems. Such problems can be detected during Class II or Class I Medical Examination.

Q13. I had commerce/arts stream at 10 + 2 level or I did not have Mathematics and Physics at 10 +2 level, what do I do? Can I become Pilot?
A13. You will have to clear Maths and Physics from the National Open School. For our students we facilitate that. You can clear the papers before, during or after completing the flying training. At the time of submission of documents for conversion of licence, you will also submit the verified proof for having cleared Maths and Physics at 10 + 2 level. Details about the National Open School are available elsewhere on our website. You will have to attach the 10 + 2 marks-sheet alongwith the application form for your roll number.

Q14. What is the minimum percentage required?
A14. Pass percentage.

Q15. I have done diploma after Class 10th, am I eligible?
A15. If the diploma is recognized by your State Board of Technical Education or equivalent to 10 + 2, you are eligible.

Q16. What selection procedure(s) do the airlines adopt?
A16. Almost anybody who has some money can join any flying training school and can get his CPL. But it must be understood that everybody who gets his/her CPL need not necessarily be an airline pilot material. Flying a modern air liner is a serious and tough job. It demands developed personality and right temperament. Unfortunately every CPL holder does not possess them. Airlines selection procedures are designed to identify and select the best talent. It is not possible to test individual flying skills during the selection procedure. It is tested only on simulators and the written tests are designed to test the level of professional knowledge.

Q17 What is the minimum age for starting flying training?
A17 Though you can start your flying training at the age of 16 and even go solo, the regulations require that you should be minimum 18 years old for issue of CPL. That is why we recommend that you should be minimum 17 years old when you commence your flying training. However, if you wish to pursue your flying training in Canada, you should minimum be 18 years of age.

Q18. What is the upper age limit?
A18. The retirement age of a pilot is 65 years. You can do the calculation yourself.

Q19. What is the minimum medical requirement?
A19. It is not possible to list out the entire medical requirements. However, we do not take any admissions without a student clearing his class II medical by a DGCA empanelled doctor.

Q20. Is it necessary to get Class I Medical done before joining the course?
A20. It is not necessary, but we prefer that. For all our enrolled students, we process the conduct of Class I Medical Examination. For students proceeding to USA & Canada respective medicals are done in India. Filipino Medical is conducted after arrival there.

Q21. Is the cost of medical examination included in the package?
A21. NO.

Q23. I have completed some flying in India, can I change my school?
A23. Definitely. We give credit for up to 50 hours of flying and reduce our cost proportionately.

Q24. Do you undertake only multi-engine flying?
A24. Yes, we do.

Q25. In your website you have not mentioned the names of the schools where you train your students?
A25. Kindly be advised that this is our website and we do not exclusively market any school. We have large number of schools spread in six countries, including India, where we train our students. When the students visit us, we give them a choice to select their school depending upon their budget.

Q26. Could we have the contact details of some of your students who have completed their training and are employed?
A26. As a matter of our company policy, we do not do that. You will appreciate that large number of persons those who visit our website are not serious aspirant to become a commercial pilot and indulge into time pass, meaningless chatting. Our students those who are flying for various airlines are busy persons and we do not appreciate their privacy to be disturbed. However once a students takes admission into our institution we definitely provide contact details.

Q27. Do you provide Flight Instructor’s course?
A27. Yes, we do. All schools where our students are trained undertake conduct of Flying Instructor’s Course. However, one must appreciate that working as a flying instructor, outside India may be slightly difficult owing to local immigration laws. However, certain schools in Philippines do give employment opportunity as a Flight Instructor if any student ensures admission of at least four students in their school.

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